Help make this event special!

Copy of Christmas Dinner Poster.png

This Christmas dinner event can be a great way to be a service to the people in High River that need community this time of year. These are the way you can help make this event amazing.

Service Needs

Food needs

-Set up crew,
-Clean up crew,
-Table hosts- one per table or one couple per table
-Someone to help put the food out.
-A person in charge of refreshments for coffee,tea, juice and water.  



We need people to help make food.
Here is the menu for the dinner:
Buns and butter.
Scalloped potatoes
Butter nut squash
Kernelled corn
Jellied salads
Green salad
Dessert will be squares and cookies

Please contact Juanita Diebolt to let her know how you can help. 

Phone: 403-601-4141