About Us

Hi there! The best way to find out more about us is to contact us here. Then we can answer any questions you have directly.

This year we celebrated 35 years as a Church family. We are a fellowship of all ages and we are enjoying a typical High River fall together. We exist as a church for the benefit of High River and beyond.  Contact us anytime or sign up for our weekly email for more info.

At High River Alliance Church it is our desire to be a gospel community.
This means that we aspire to be… 

  • A community that proclaims the Gospel in deed and creed.
  • A community that celebrates God's work.
  • A community that takes care of each other.
  • A community that celebrates and participates in the ordinances together.

To do this we strive to “Make disciples together”,  by helping others take one step at a time towards Christ. 

This is accomplished through proclaiming Christ, praying for each other and the lost, engaging in relationships with people, and persevering in accomplishing our mission.  It is our desire to see each person thrive in all areas of life; the home, small gatherings, corporate worship, and the world.

This year our emphasis is to equip one another for effective ministry, show hospitality to strangers and friends, and encourage and honor one another as we serve the Lord together.

We are a part of the Christian and Missionary Alliance family of churches.  As a denomination we desire to be a movement of the Church that engages in local and international missions, telling people about Jesus, and partnering with others who are engaged in Christ-centered ministry, regardless of denominational affiliation.

Here is our Statement of Faith.