About Us

Hi there! The best way to find out more about us it to contact us here. Then we can answer any questions you have directly.

This year we celebrate 35 years as part of the Church in High River. We are a fellowship  with families young and older and we are enjoying a great High River summer. We are focusing this year on spending time together more intentionally and caring for one another by being encouraging and honouring. We are developing deeper relationships through being intentional and hospitable with each other, please join us anytime. The church (the people who love God) aren't here only for themselves, but for the community they are apart of and for those in need. Contact us anytime or sign up for our weekly email for more info.

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Byron and kim Allan

For their whole adult life Byron and Kim have devoted themselves to helping people. They do this now together at High River Alliance Church with a great amount of wisdom and love and have a passion to see people in High River know God and grow in who they have been created to be. If you would like to connect with Byron or Kim you can do that here.  

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Coby and Rachelle

Coby and Rachelle are the Children's Ministry Leaders. The are amazing people, full of life and love being a part of growing children up into strong, confident, godly men and woman. You won't miss them on Sunday morning. If you would like to connect with Coby or Rachelle you can do that here.  

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Alvin and Anne

Al and Anne have been in ministry for 55 years. They are one of the most faithful, caring and wise people you'll meet. Al serves in many different capacities including prayer meetings, mentoring, visitations and hospital visits. If you would like to connect with Al or Anne you can do that here.  


Kyle and Colleen

Kyle is a long time member and an High River Alliance Church elder. He had devoted many hours and care to the healthy development of our vision and the purposefulness of our attendants. His wife Colleen is passionate for people and leads the worship ministry. Together they make a great combination of steadfastness and enthusiasm. If you would like to connect with Kyle or Colleen you can do that here.